Hints & tips

Brisbane Self Storage for all your self storage needs in Enoggera and surrounding areas

All goods should be thoroughly cleaned and dried before storing to prevent mould and staining. Packing accessories such as cartons, portarobes, bubblewrap and tape to seal the boxes will protect and maintain your goods whilst in storage. Pick a carton to suit the weight of the goods to be packed, for example use smaller cartons for heavier items such as books and crockery. Always label cartons once you've packed them so you know what's in them - this will help you find them in storage and save on unpacking time when you move out. Plan your storage space so larger, heavier items are placed at the rear of the unit, then move forwards and upwards with lighter, fragile items. Store goods you'll need to access at the front of the unit near the entry.


Fridges, freezers and other white goods should be clean and dry before storing, with a deodoriser inside for freshness, and the door secured slightly ajar. Don't store items inside white goods as they may damage the interior.


Furniture & clothing

Cover mattresses and lounges with plastic covers. Empty wardrobes, drawers and cupboards and store contents in cartons. Portarobes are ideal for hanging clothes. Where possible, disassemble beds and tables and wrap legs.


Dishes, glassware & fragile objects

Use a layer of packing at the top and bottom of cartons containing breakables. Individually wrap items in packing paper or bubblewrap and nest together where possible. Stand plates and mirrors on their edges. Fill any gaps in the carton with scrunched paper or tea-towels to prevent movement in transit.


Electrical equipment

If you've kept the original boxes and packing material, reuse them. Otherwise bubblewrap items individually and store them in sealed cartons. Fill any gaps in the carton with packing. If you have any battery powered appliances, such as radios, remotes etc, remove the batteries before storage to prevent leakage.


Mowers & machinery

Drain all fuel and oil from machinery to reduce the risk of leakage and fire. Please place old carpet or cardboard under the item.

What not to store

Items not suitable or allowed in storage are hazardous, illegal, perishable, environmentally harmful or explosive goods, such as paint, petrol, chlorine etc.


The goods you have in self storage are yours and remain your sole responsibility. Check with your insurance provider to see if your cover has provision for items in storage - you may already be covered. If not, we can offer a competitive quotation on your insurance needs.

Moving checklist

  • Arrange disconnection and reconnection of services like power, gas and phone.
  • Cancel deliveries like the paper.
  • Redirect mail with the post office.
  • Notify authorities and businesses of your change of address, including:
    • Electoral office
    • Vehicle registration office
    • Banks and financial advisors
    • Taxation office
    • Insurance company
    • Medicare and private health fund